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artisan body soaps

for a more mindful cleansing routine

for a longer lasting bar

the soaplift dish set


organic herbal bath tea


our products are always handcrafted from scratch using high quality, natural ingredients⌇made in california


formulated without any synthetic ingredients, colorants, or fragrances


product formulas are sustainable + eco-friendly! all packaging is either 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable

Bath Tea Reviews

I love how soft my skin was coming out of the bath and for days after! My skin had a certain glow to it that I haven’t seen before! 10/10 for this product!


I enjoy taking baths to unwind since I am a nurse and am constantly on my feet. This bath tea will definitely become a staple in my self care routine.


After soaking for 30 minutes I was so relaxed and my skin felt so soft! I cannot wait to take another bath with this bath tea such a wonderful experience!