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meet the maker

Hi! I’m Charisse, Founder + CEO of As Well
I’m so grateful we’ve crossed paths!

My whole heart has gone into conceptualizing, creating, & giving life to this collection of non-toxic and intentional handcrafted body soaps & organic herbal bath tea. 

I began making these products for myself as a creative outlet while going through a rough patch during my mental health journey, but also as a way to help me weave more habitual moments of mindfulness into my daily routine. Each product has been formulated with purposeful ingredients that help contribute to an overall intention.

Now, I hope to share these same products with others & to continue to create holistic personal care that goes beyond physical hygiene to also help support mind & aura hygiene as well.

I’m inspired by this abundant and beautiful planet that we are so blessed to call home. Every product utilizes and celebrates the natural healing, grounding, & nurturing properties of nature. Every formula & every inch of packaging is also earth-friendly and 100% recyclable ♻️

These products bring me so much joy and I hope you love them as much as I do!

[proudly black owned + woman owned]